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This ordeal finally comes to an end. I am glad to be getting back to reviews, interviews, real mix tapes and intros. I realized at every step of the way I left great bands out of this thing but I really can’t go back and fix it. I did slip in one from The Mason/Dixon Disaster and am glad I remembered to grab it for this. This one is done, over, and put to bed. I am looking forward to a great year here at 9b. See you all on twitter or something…

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  1. CFO CFO
    January 29, 2010    

    Top 100 with zero Richmond Fontaine?? With all due respect to Ben, Patterson Et. Al. with the exception of Brent Best none of the oft repeted one trick pony’s (beer, girl, the south, the south, beer, the south) on the list could not lyrically crack Willy Vlautin’s rough drafts.

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