I am a huge ‘Mats fan. I have bootlegs galore, rare tracks and even import vinyl. You could probably call me a fanboy and I wouldn’t disagree. They are one of the bands that I think of when I think “They don’t make music like they used to” (and “Get off my lawn” but that’s another story). I wanted to love this album, I mean, it’s Tommy fuckin’ Stinson after all but the truth is I didn’t love it. I liked it but it just didn’t blow me away. I think that part of the problem, and it’s a problem with a lot of albums, is that it’s not an album per se. What it is a collection of good songs. Some are just good and some are damn good but they are all just songs. There just isn’t a whole album vibe going on here. I like having this one mixed in on my random playlist because the songs are actually good but I was disappointed with the album as a whole.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am looking at the past way too much but how can I not when it involves the ‘Mats. (Disclaimer: I am also not a huge fan of Westerburg solo). The truth of the matter is that One Man Mutiny is a fine album to have in your collection and no doubt you can find plenty of places where a couple of songs would be great but I don’t see this being one you can toss on and listen to all the way through and truly enjoy. I hate to feel like I am panning an album and really I am not meaning to. There are some very worthwhile songs on here and you should probably pick this one up if you liked The ‘Mats but keep your expectations realistic about it. After all there are a lot of worse albums you could buy.

Tommy Stinson – It’s A Drag
Tommy Stinson – Come To Hide
Tommy Stinson – One Man Mutiny

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  1. I was surprised that this felt as close to a Mats album as any Westerburg album has for me. And I love Westerburg solo. I dig this record very hard. Real good rockandroll.

  2. I think it’s a strong record. Hard to beat his last few, Bash & Pop, Perfect and solo, but this is solid stuff. Worth it alone for Seize the moment and the title track. And Westerberg solo is as good as anything by the ‘Mats. Go listen to Mono/Stereo.

  3. Thanks for the review–I need to pick this one up. I too am a huge Mats fan–however, I’m still busy working my way back through the Two Cow Garage catalog. I agree with your take on Paul’s solo work– give me 49:00, CFMT, and to a lesser extent, Stereo/Mono–the rest I could care less about.

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