Since AIV has been inventing genres I figure I can as well and I think I’ll call this Gutter Folk! If I usually like mine raw then Caution Wet Floor is still throbbing and hasn’t quite bled out just yet (I probably shouldn’t try and draw that metaphor out any farther). I don’t know about Tom McSod, other than he was with The Staggerers and The Sods at various points, but this music has a quality to it that I’m sure has something to do with copious amounts of whiskey. At least it makes me want about a pint of whiskey and that’s never a bad thing.

With an entire road’s worth of gravel in his voice Tom McSod delivers ten tracks of hard roads, lies, and rough living with very little in the way of apology offered. …and when my story’s over and I’m gone from this world/When they put my body in the sod/I may regret the things I’ve done in my life/But I’ll never love a wealthy man’s God… is growled out on “Wealthy Man’s God”, a track filled with single verse long heartbreaking stories that really showcases Tom’s writing ability. And it’s the writing that makes this one a real gem. I feel like I’m in a dive bar, doing something I oughtn’t do and that the guy singing knows exactly why I’m there and is singing right at me. It’s a good solo effort to be sure and he tells me he’s working on a second release, between scrubbing the bathroom and posting on Facebook.

I hope he finishes that second solo album and keeps going in the same Gutter Folk vein (he calls it Janitor Punk but I like my genre better). I think the world needs a little more rare and bloody folk music. There are a whole lot worse things you could spend a tenner on that this album, which means there’s probably better things as well but fuck all that. Buy a bottle of Old Crow instead of Maker’s Mark (Which we need to talk about you buying anyway) and pick up Caution Wet Floor. Don’t bother with the rocks glass, just put on the record and swig along right from the bottle. There’s pretty much no way in which that’s a bad idea…

Tom McSod – Gun Fire Last
Tom McSod – Dirty Ol’ Randall
Tom McSod – Wealthy Man’s God

Tom McSod on Facebook
Tom McSod on Chain Smoking Records


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