Todd’s eighth studio effort, The Excitement Plan, contains Todd’s signature whimsical, half-drunk vocal deliveries along with pared down instrumentals and another host of misfits and outsiders. It was recorded over 2 1/2 days by Todd and producer Don Was with little rehearsal beforehand. The lack of rehearsal (I assume) helps lend to Todd’s slightly ramshackle sound.

There are plenty of people out there much better educated on the back story and discography of Todd Snider than I so I’ll leave it to them to be told, as I only discovered Todd with The Devil You Know. That said, I do think The Excitement Plan, possibly moreso than any previous album, really manages to showcase and display all of his gifts. You have the biographical tale of a 70’s-era Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher, Doc Ellis, who managed to pitch a no-hitter while on LSD, “America’s Favorite Pastime,” as well as the confessional of “Money, Compliments and Publicity”. There is even a duet with Loretta Lynn (who also shared in co-writing duties) “Don’t Tempt Me”, where Todd and Loretta are romantic combatants.

My favorite thing about The Excitement Plan is that it manages to be political without feeling preachy, which is a complete turn-off even if I agree with the politics.

Check out the album, it’s a blast to listen to.

Todd Snider – Money, Compliments, Publicity (Song Number 10)
Todd Snider – America’s Favorite Pastime
Todd Snider – Greencastle Blues

Todd Snider’s Official Site, Todd Snider on myspace, Buy The Excitement Plan


  1. As a long-suffering Pirates fan, always thought the Doc Ellis no-hitter was a great story. Snider does a great job with it. See him live if you can. Snider, not Ellis.

  2. I have been cranky lately because I actually got in on the limited edition box set, which was shipped to my house (in Florida) on the CD release day – however, I am still at my mom’s and as yet unable to listen…

    I may actually order the CD from and have it sent here – I can find a good home for the duplicate when I get back home…

    I personally think every single one of his albums is brilliant, and I do hope you manage to work your way through the backcatalog eventually – if you enjoy “political without being preachy”, start with East Nashville Skyline (The Ballad of the Kingsmen and Sunshine, in particular)…

  3. Happy To Be Here has always been my favorite – DB Cooper off that album is a classic. I lived in Hood River, OR for many years, so that weighs in, given the subject matter.

    Other than his live album, I haven’t been able to get into many other albums since. I might download this album for sake of rounding out my Snider collection, but they just never seem to get into rotation at the homestead.

  4. IIRC, Todd will be at Skipper’s on August 30th, which just happens to be my fiftieth birthday. That would be a good way to celebrate the beginning of the slide into senescence.

  5. IIRC, Todd will be at Skipper’s on August 30th

    I can not find any mention of this anywhere. Where did you see/hear this?

  6. Trying again (below) – seems the info got zapped!


    I Don’t see it on the web site yet but Skippers in Tampa has Snider listed on their upcoming shows.

    Todd Snider
    5PM $15/18
    Tickets on sale soon!

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