“I nearly had to kill me a couple of them peace queers out behind the church this morning” – The Village Fuggs

This album was supposed to come out back in September, but in the 11th hour it was decided to hold it until October (Todd’s birthday month). So, it’s October and the album has finally been unleashed. Normally I am no fan of protest albums since they generally come off as preachy and trite, and as a whole Peace Queer is no different. The album unfolds in 8 chapters with the first being a premature declaration of victory (not unlike the war itself). The remaining seven tracks try to tell a story and I’ll let Todd give you the intended plot:

“In six sentences, the record goes like this: Here’s the kid being told every thing’s going to be great. Here’s the reality of that. Here’s that kid when he comes home a sad and banged-up and angry ‘winner.’ Here’s the breakdown of why I think that’s happening. Here’s the guy in our culture that I think is causing that to happen, and it’s not a president. And then here’s what I think is going to happen to that guy. And then we roll credits.”

I wouldn’t tell anyone that they should run out and buy Peace Queer tomorrow, but from now until the end of October I would tell you to run over to Todd’s web site and download it for free. Go get it for his cover of CCR’s “Fortunate Son” alone. It’s fabulous.

Todd Snider – Fortunate Son

Todd Snider’s Official Site, Todd Snider on myspace, Buy Peace Queer

5 thoughts on “TODD SNIDER – PEACE QUEER”

  1. I also am not huge on most protest albums. I dug the opening track and the CCR cover. Fortunate Son is a classic protest song and translated really well into the folky, story-teller style.

    “The devil you know” album from Snider is political without being a cheesy protest rag.

  2. I downloaded it this weekend; I cannot stop listening to it. It’s just a tremendous piece of work – especially “Is This Thing Working?” I don’t find the record preachy in the slightest.

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