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Fact: In the americana/folk scene, Todd Snider is an institution.
Fact: While Todd’s cds are fantastic his live show is where it’s at.
Fact: Todd Snider is funnier than you and he’ll prove it if you go see him live.
Fact: The #1 symptom of heart disease is sudden death.

Todd just released a live album this week that proves all of the above. Well, all except for the institution part but you’d pretty much need to have lived under a rock the last decade or so not to know that. The album does a bang up job of capturing what a Todd Snider show is like which which immediately qualifies it as an essential listening album. So check out the tracks below. When they’re done, wipe the soda off your computer screen and then head over to his site and buy the cd.

Todd Snider - KK Rider Story     

Todd Snider - The Ballad Of The Kingsmen     

Todd Snider - Tension     

Todd Snider’s Official Site, Todd Snider on Facebook, Buy Live: The Storyteller

Fact: Todd has a plan should he ever meet Bob Dylan.


  1. Martin Luther Presley Martin Luther Presley
    February 11, 2011    

    Looking forward to it. I pretty much only listen to “Tales From Moondawg’s Tavern” (thanks A Truer Sound!) and “Peace Queer”. I’m not too familiar with his other records. I bought his first two based on the live stuff and didn’t like them. But this one I’m definitely gonna get.

    Anyone know if there’s a vinyl release?

  2. Bill Bill
    February 11, 2011    

    This live album is great. As far as proper albums, The Devil You Know, East Nashville Skyline, and the Excitement Plan are his best IMO

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