If you’ve listened to an episode of Ninebullets Radio in the past 6 months you’ve heard Todd’s handiwork in the Ninebullets Theme Song. Well, he’s managed to put together a little 6 song EP of tracks reminiscent of Drive-By Truckers and Lucero which you can find on Bandcamp.

While we don’t post about EP’s very often here on 9b I felt it was our duty since Todd is part of the 9b family in a way. So check out the stream below and pick it up if you like it:


  1. This is… amazing! It’s kind of like old Lucero with more punk and dynamics. This might be my favorite thing to come out all year, including Women & Work. Do they have any more stuff???

    1. Thanks man! Nothing as of now, might start working on another EP or even a full-length soon (time and money pending). Appreciate the good mojo!

      1. GREAT! Really love your songs. Great writing and performance, and your band sounds killer! Come to Jacksonville!

  2. Cool stuff, his delivery sounds a whole lot like a cleaner Micah Schnabel, which i guess Is a lot like Ben Nichols from Lucero.

    1. Thanks Damien! I’m a big fan of Mostly Harmless, so the nice words mean a lot coming from you. Appreciate it!

  3. I’m not even gonna front like I’m not biased: Todd is a friend of mine. We met on the ol’ internet, talking about Lucero and bonded over tossing ninebullets articles back and forth.

    I love the shit out of this album. “Ain’t My Year” and “Take It Slow” are on regular rotation for me at all times.

    And I’m not gonna lie: he’s only getting better. He sent me a very early demo for a song he probably doesn’t want me talking about, but damn it’s good. This is a guy you want to get in on the ground floor with. He isn’t willing to stagnate or simply emulate, and if you listen to the music you’ll know he isn’t just in it for the show.

  4. Man, this is definately awesome ! Yes, i dig early Lucero,Uncle Tupelo and DBT and Slobberbone and everything but this is at least as good ! Julie is the Killer track, maybe that’s because my wife & kids just left me and this is my track to get over it.

    Keep up the good work Todd, don’t turn down the Distortion in your guitar amp,avoid Horn Sections and believe in your songwriting skills !

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