In the band’s beginning, Tiny Empires’ bio statements would often read, agreeably: “We’re a group of older men. Could you imagine?” Their first song, released in 2012, was half of a split 7″ with Tigers Jaw–Tiny Empires offered a three-part punk suite reflecting the emotional cycles of staying with a loved one, staying in your town, staying in your scene, wherein they crescendo lyrically: “Sometimes things change with the people you love. Sometimes you burn out on the things that you love.” That’s the foundation of their sound–those contradictions–that their music is serious and they are good people who seriously help out their communities, but they are able to laugh at their fractured history as a band, their inability to practice more than a handful of times per year, and the dubious honor of being lifetime punks. They’re awesome and charming and desperate to those ends and I love them. The four older men are Eric Solomon formerly of Houston’s O Pioneers!!! and several members of Florida’s New Bruises.

The songs on Weird Headspace were kind of supposed to be a demo for a full-length, but they wound up sounding so good the band released it. Great decision! You can listen to Tiny Empires’ entire catalogue on bandcamp and download Weird Headspace for a donation from Quote Unquote Records, so there’s no reason for anybody who loves buzzsawing guitars and melodic screaming to not give this record a chance. They’re one of the bands I most want to see live.

Just Imagine
What’s The Plan, Phil?
Wide Open Spaces

Listen in whole and find the record on CD, and LP from Tiny Empires’ bandcamp. Get it digitally (free + donation) from Quote Unquote Records. Follow four older men on Facebook and tumblr. Watch them fucking kill it on The Chris Gethard Show.

Author: Mike Ostrov

Mike Ostrov relays the history of popular song on message boards and under rocks.


  1. Nice. I’ve been loving this record. Hopefully I’ll catch these guys live at some point this year.

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