Jan 222013

Grapple The Rails managed to make my top 10 of 2012 despite not having even been reviewed on ninebullets. Well, today we remedy that horrific oversight.

When I first wrote about Tin Horn Prayer I described their sound as, “for cramped bar rooms with six inch high stages covered in spit stained ripped red carpet” and that they “seem[ed] to have an Irish bar band spirit to them in the sense that their charm lies in their raw, unpolished sound and if they were to clean it up any it just wouldn’t be the same.” Well. I am here to admit that I was wrong.

Grapple The Rails finds the band with a much cleaner sound and it took nothing away. Nay. It made them that much more awesome in my book. The first 5 or 6 times I listened to this album I was blown away by how far the band progressed from Get Busy Dying to Grapple The Rails. The singer still, in a traditional sense, isn’t very good but what he is doing is working perfect in Tin Horn Prayer.

Needless to say, Grapple The Rails is Essential Listening in my book.

Tin Horn Prayer – All’s Well That Ends
Tin Horn Prayer – Fire In The Jailhouse
Tin Horn Prayer – Stumble

Tin Horn Prayer on Facebook, Tin Horn Prayer on Spotify, Buy Grapple The Rails

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  1. Loved “Fire In The Jailhouse” best – thanks for sharing these. Great stuff.

  2. singer*s* since they have 3 singers in the band, but I know which one you mean! haha

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