There are a few things I am bummed out about as I get ready to head out to Denver this weekend. One is that I was unable to talk Slim Cessna’s Auto Club into playing a show just for me (yes, I emailed and asked). Two, is that I won’t be able to catch Tin Horn Prayer either. Given band member, Andy Thomas’ relationship with SH I’d kind of hoped they’d end up on the actual party bill but it looks like it just ain’t gonna happen for me.

Tin Horn Prayer is a Denver local scene “supergroup” of sorts. Featuring members of Denver scene stallwarts such as; Ghost Buffalo, Love Me Destroyer, The Blackout Pact and Only Thunder. Having spent the past year creating a name for themselves in the local Denver scene they’ve finally managed to get their debut album, Get Busy Dying, released to the rest of the world.

The album comes out of the gates swinging with the opening track, “Better Living”, an anthematic track written for cramped bar rooms with six inch high stages covered in spit stained ripped red carpet. Almost immediately you notice that the singer isn’t, in the classic sense, very good but that he’s absolutely perfect for the music Tin Horn Prayer is putting on you. They seem to have an Irish bar band spirit to them in the sense that their charm lies in their raw, unpolished sound and if they were to clean it up any it just wouldn’t be the same. I don’t use the term “unpolished” as a polite way to call them amateur. Sometimes the best painters are the one’s who know when it’s time to stop adding brush strokes and the same can be said for bands when they’re in the studio. Tin Horn Prayer did a good job of knowing where the balance between rowdy spirit and over produced would lie and stopped painting.

On that note, I should stop adding strokes to this piece, let you know the album is Essential Listening and drop some mp3’s on you.

Tin Horn Prayer – Better Living
Tin Horn Prayer – Fighting Sleep
Tin Horn Prayer – Devil Makes Me

Tin Horn Prayer on myspace, Buy Get Busy Dying


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