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When Tim Barry’s 2007 release, Rivanna Junction, came out I wasn’t really digging it. It was descent enough but there wasn’t anything about it that caught my attention and after two listens it was moved to the cd rack to be forgotten. Then came the Revival Tour and even though I was there I used Tim’s set to grab some beers, use the bathroom, browse the merch table, etc. etc. Then a funny thing happened. The stage lost power during his set and instead of stopping he just walked down into the crowd and played a song acoustic while they restored power. Simple, I know, but that was enough for me to start paying attention to his set. I really enjoyed his between song banter but didn’t know the songs and the beer was starting to set up shop in my head and I ended up talking to my friend by the end of his set.

So goes the tragedy of my ignoring Tim Barry for all this time.

Indeed, even though his newest album, Manchester, had been sitting on my mantle for a week or so I didn’t think much about listening to it after the Revival Tour. No, it took collecting bootlegs of all the Revival Tour shows for me to realize how awesome Tim is. After collecting about 5 shows I told my wife, “I really think Tim Barry is starting to grow on me. He songs are so fucking sincere.” so I put his new album on the iPod and the rest is, as they say, history.

Tim Barry isn’t really the type of music you toss on for background music and it grabs you. Tim’s music wants you to sit down and listen to it. Hear the lyrics and feel them. If you do that you’ll know what I’ve recently learned: That Tim Barry and his new album are essential listening. In hind sight I went and pulled that long forgotten Rivanna Junction of the cd rack and discovered that it too is equally awesome.

My bad.

Tim Barry - 222     

Tim Barry - Tacoma     

Tim Barry - This November     

Tim Barry’s Official Site, Tim Barry on myspace, Buy Manchester


  1. November 11, 2008    

    do yourself a favor and get his first EP “laurel st. demo”. its his best in my opinion. the last song, “carolina’s rv” is the fuckin’ jam!

  2. November 12, 2008    

    Tim stole the show at both Revival shows I saw and everyone I have heard. That show from Colorado freaking rocks!

  3. plank10 plank10
    November 13, 2008    

    that’s just criminal.

    next time he plays there spend a couple minutes talking to him and you’ll be a fan for life.

  4. November 13, 2008    

    I think I already am.

  5. December 30, 2008    

    I wish i could”ve met him i just heard “Tacoma” in a little vintage shop i nearly cried cuz it was almost as if he’d taken the words out of my mind and sang them to me

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