Lost & Rootless seems to be anything but. This is not the writing of a man who is lost at all. These are the words and music of a man who knows who he is, inside and out. Tim’s fifth studio album is another pouring out of a man who constantly examines his life and strives to find answers to his questions.

There is marked difference between this and his other albums, well except for maybe Munford Elementary, in that there are a lot of happier moments here. When you look at tracks like Poppa’s Porch, Older and Poorer, and Lela Days it becomes obvious that Tim’s life has changed a great deal since the birth of his daughter. And that right there is why I love Tim Barry, these records, all of them, are him sharing his life with us. He bares his sould for his and it’s easy to see when you grab a pair of headphones and really listen to his songs.

Tim always impresses me in his intesity for everything. It’s hard not to get emotional when you listen to any of his songs, provided you’ve been there. Most of us have been there, at least around these parts. I expect that those who aren’t parents might not connect as strongly to Lela Day but there are plenty of other tracks to take you on the emotional roller coaster that is a Tim Barry album. In fact I’d wager to say there’s a song or three here for just about everyone. If you don’t already have a copy you can pick your format over at the Chunksaah Records online store.

Lela Days
Older and Poorer
Solid Gone