Sometimes, for whatever the reason, there are cds that I intend on writing about but end up not doing it. Be it timing, writer’s block or who knows what, they just keep getting pushed to the end of the line and eventually the tail end gets cut off. Quick Hitters is an effort to avoid them getting lost in the ether. So, here you go….a Thursday quick hitter session:

DIRTY SWEET – AMERICAN SPIRITUAL: Not all music necessarily needs to save the world, be poetry to music, or the enabler of the brooding depression addict with a carpenter’s knife and a bloody rag. Sometimes music can just be the fun soundtrack to the summer afternoon party. Dirty Sweet provide that kind of music.

Dirty Sweet – Get Up, Get Out

KINGSLEY FLOOD – DUST WINDOWS: I really wanted to do a proper piece on this album but it’s reached a point where I just have to admit that it isn’t gonna happen. Sometimes these guys remind me of a clean-cut version of The Devil Makes Three, but unfortunately there are times where they’re a tad too content to just blend into the background. Front Porch Musings described them as Okkervil River fronted by Jeff Tweedy. I’m not really a fan of either but I am a fan of Kingsley Flood, so take that for what it is.

Kingsley Flood – Stoop Cats

TRAMPLED BY TURTLES – PALOMINO: I really want to like this band but I can’t seem to shake the nagging feeling that there is something “manufactured” about them. I feel the same way when I listen to The Avett Brothers and in reality it’s probably a sign that this blogging thing is slowly turning me into a jaded overly judgemental elitist prick. That said, when I listen to the cd I like the songs. That’s an undeniable fact, and it’s only when I start to write about it that the other stuff starts to creep in.

Trampled By Turtles – Victory

THOSE POOR BASTARDS – GOSPEL HAUNTED: Every time I write about Those Poor Bastards I use the same quote from the very first time I wrote about them here on 9B; “Imagine Death himself plopping his ass down at your campfire with his pal and band mate, Desperation, and they break out in song.what do you think that would sound like? I am gonna say Those Poor Bastards is pretty close“. Well, with Gospel Haunted they’re back with more of the same and it’s great. I’d wanted to write a proper piece the album but just never managed to find the words. Fans of TPB will love the album, non-fans will not get converted by Gospel Haunted.

Those Poor Bastards – Glory Amen


  1. Check out Trampled by Turtles album Blue Sky and the Devil it has a more raw feel but without a fiddle player. Very high energy Burn for free is the best. I think I understand where your coming from, and I can’t get into the Avett Bros. either. Something about TBT clicks with me, I would like to see them tour with the Hackensaw Boys.

  2. Have you seen TBT live? While I like their songs, I think they’re one of those bands you can’t “get” without seeing the live show, which is not to be missed.

  3. TBT are amazing live and a hell of a fun time. Sounds like we’re bowling for TBT here. I’m glad there are others out there that feel the same.

  4. I’ve never really warmed up to the Lonesome Wyatt & Rachel Brooke LP and didn’t really dig the Bastards’ couple of EPs either, but come the full album they are back with another bloody fantastic album. It’s almost scary how brilliant all of their LPs are…

  5. You are right, Martin when you said, “It’s almost scary how brilliant all of their LPs are…”

    ‘Glory Amen’ is a tune they have been playing live for a couple of years and I am thankful to see it included on a record.

    and I will smile at the death of the chemical church..

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