Those Poor Bastards – Hellfire Hymns

Hauling themselves right out of a haunted 1930’s Americana, Those Poor Bastards have a new cd, “Hellfire Hymns.” While their previous effort “Songs of Desperation,” explored the depths of misery and despair, “Hellfire Hymns” is a journey into sin, insanity, and moral decay. Proper folks have concluded that you will probably go straight to hell for listening to this cd. I might be inclined to agree were it not that both Wyatt and the good preacher are both legally certified holiness preachers. However, should a distorted Lonesome Wyatt moaning over banjos, organs, guitars and a very old and very broken piano appeal to you, then you are probably hell bound already, and you should behold the black sheep of the bible belt. Their sound has not changed much from when last I wrote about them:

Imagine death himself plopping his ass down at your campfire w/his pal and band mate desperation and they break out into song….what do you think that would sound like? I am gonna say Those Poor Bastards is pretty fucking close….Their bio says; “Those Poor Bastards play miserable and primitive old-time gothic country music.” Really, there is nothing more to say….that is pretty spot on…

It’s still spot on. Those Poor Bastards play it raw and they play it mean. Be a pal and support independent anti corporate country music.

Those Poor Bastards – Family Graveyard

Those Poor Bastards – The Dust Storm
Those Poor Bastards – God Damned Me

Those Poor Bastards Official Site, Those Poor Bastards on myspace, Buy Hellfire Hymns

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  1. Absolutely buy yourself this CD and then buy one for everybody on your Holiday shopping list. Beautiful, gut-wrenching music.

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