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I came home Friday night to two boxes from the fine folks at Spokane Valley Wear and one from Contagious Graphics and my house is now over run with shirts and stickers.

The shirts turned out better than I ever could have expected and I can’t wait for you guys to start sending me pictures of yourselves in them. Not to mention I owe Spokane Valley Wear some money that I’d love to pay off. So be the first on our block to sport the sleek and stylish tshirt. Twenty dollars will get you a shirt and a handful of stickers and it’ll help me raise the funds to keep the site up and running in these lean economic times.



  1. scott scott
    December 7, 2009    

    hide a mens medium for me, i’ll get it from you on friday

  2. December 7, 2009    


  3. Kristopher Kristopher
    December 7, 2009    

    Done. Happy to support such a great site.

  4. December 7, 2009    

    Just mentioning these will make great Christmas gifts!!!!

  5. Joey Joey
    December 7, 2009    

    Hey man, are you gonna have these at the show on Friday @ The Emerald?

  6. December 7, 2009    

    I can. Just email me what size you need:

  7. 3 words:

    Hot as Balls!

  8. Maremare Maremare
    December 7, 2009    

    Thank you so much for supporting such great music…especially the DBTs!!!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays.

  9. jkeough jkeough
    December 8, 2009    

    bring a XXL to work ill have Danielle give you the cash

  10. Martin Luther Presley Martin Luther Presley
    December 8, 2009    

    before there’s trouble: any extra costs for overseas?

  11. Jody Jody
    December 8, 2009    

    I ordered me a medium. these look great!

  12. December 8, 2009    

    Story of my life…waiting on a paycheck

  13. Juan Juan
    December 9, 2009    

    Getting one now.. Will get more after the next paycheck..

  14. December 9, 2009    

    Cool shirt. Any chance you’ll do up some XXLs at some point?

  15. Max Max
    December 9, 2009    

    Who is the hot model!!!!!

  16. Stephanie Stephanie
    December 10, 2009    

    Your wife is fabulous!

  17. Maremare Maremare
    December 12, 2009    

    Just received my fabulous shirt & stickers. Thank you very much & Happy Holidays to you & yours.

  18. Rev Rev
    December 15, 2009    

    got mine today. Fits just right…

  19. December 16, 2009    

    Damm have I missed out on the XXL shirts ?

    A large might cut it.

    Gie me a week or so to rustle up some cash.

    My favourite music blog.

  20. South Devon Steam Railway South Devon Steam Railway
    December 23, 2009    

    Nice!! Looking forward to some 9 bullets reppin’ in the westcountry!

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