There Ain’t No Shame In Just Giving Up, And Walking Away


This has been coming for a while. My life, this year, has been a ride that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’m not going to bother with details here because those aren’t really important. Every single time something else has piled on I’ve told myself that I’ll be alright and that I’ll make time for the site, that I’ll write about this record or that record and I’ve failed, miserably to do so. Sometimes life has a way of taking you by the short and curlies and tossing you about, and sometimes it seems like it’s not going to let go. I’m stepping down from running 9B and I’m passing the reigns to Patrick Hayes. I love this place and I’m not leaving, I’ll write again, I can’t not do that, but I don’t have the bandwidth to take care of everything I need to take care of and give 9B the attention it needs and deserves. I’ve dropped the ball way too many times to keep lying to myself about it.

I love what I’ve done here over the years and I’m sad that I let things slip. I owe everyone still reading what we write an apology for that. This little website has been through a lot over the years and some folks think it still matters and that’s enough to keep it going. I can’t handle running things anymore but maybe it should have been a little more collaborative in the first place. It’s been 7 years since my first post on 9B went live and I’ve loved every bit of it. Running the site hasn’t always been easy and we’ve had a lot of folks who write better than me come through but I’ve never had a website that meant more to me than this one does. That’s not going to change, I will write again, you all know me, it’s fits and starts.

Even knowing that I’ve dropped the ball and let the community down, this post is a son of a bitch to write. So I’ll leave you all with Patrick in charge and I’ll be around, in the background for now, until the shit that life’s throwing at me either settles down or kills me. Two roads diverged in the woods and I, apparently, took the one filled with lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my!

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