Well, I’m back. Not BACK, exactly: I’m here. After an incredibly long trip with one very angry cat in the passenger seat, my place of residence is now New Orleans, Louisiana. I took the scenic route for a few different reasons, including but not limited to SQUALLFEST and the chance to finally see Todd Farrell Jr. and the Dirty Birds play. Some great friends of mine included music for me to listen to on the trip, including Nick Liechty (yes, the one infamously hugging an improbable amount of people Ben shouts out on the Lucero Live In Atlanta album).

This playlist is a mixture of music I chose for myself, records that friends gave me, and songs from the killer bands I saw live at Squallfest. Thanks again to everyone for being so great, including but not limited to Those Crosstown Rivals,  Alone at 3 AM, our own Michelle Evans for being such a charming hostess, and of course Todd Farrell Jr. and the Dirty Birds. If what I heard at the festival is any indication, their next EP is going to be excellent.

So next time you’re gonna be stuck in a car, or maybe just wish you were on the road across the country, give this playlist a spin!