Feb 192013

I know I checked out The White Buffalo back when Once Upon A Time In The West was originally released, but I must have been hopped up on stupid pills that day ‘cause I passed on the cd in the most decisive way possible…I deleted it.

Shame on me.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Sons Of Anarchy when this completely awesome song starts playing. So, I fire up Soundhound and learn that it’s “The Whistler,” a new single from The White Buffalo. I immediately buy it and start playing it on the radio show and on the podcasts. The awesome factor of the song finally gets the best of me and I pick up Once Upon A Time In The West for a second look-see.

The White Buffalo is a trio out of Southern California, and their sound seems to straddle somewhere between JKutchma & The Five Fifths and Chuck Ragan. How I passed on this cd the first time is genuinely beyond me. It’s like it was custom made for the “ninebullets sound.” I guess, more than anything, I’m just glad I made it back to the cd. Don’t be stupid like me. Check out Once Upon A Time In The West. It is Essential Listening.

The White Buffalo – The Pilot
The White Buffalo – One Lone Night
The White Buffalo – Hold The Line

The White Buffalo’s Official Site, The White Buffalo on Facebook, The White Buffalo on Spotify, Buy Once Upon A Time In The West

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  1. I dig it and will likely throw some bread their way. Thanks for posting it.

  2. I’ve been listening to TWB virtually nonstop for the past month. When my alarm clock goes off in the morning I think, “Fuck yeah, I get to listen to TWB all day!” No, I’m not exaggerating. His voice is perfection.

  3. I hear some Eddie Vedder in the singer’s voice. This is a good band. I’m digging it.

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