The Weary Boys – Coalinga

While at the recent Weary Boys show I picked up a copy of the Weary Boys newest cd, “Coalinga”. Much like their live show, I was not sure what to expect with Mario gone. Well, The Weary Boys are just fucking fine. Matter a fact, one could say the Weary Boys are back. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that their last effort, “Jumpin’ Jolie”, was a bad album cause that simply is not the case. It just wasn’t as good as the four albums that proceeded it. Well, I am proud to say they turned the rock/surf down and the Weary back up. Matt Downing has filled Mario’s vocal spot in the band, his banjo replaces the electric guitar, and this immediately ups the country factor of The Weary Boys. Recorded and mixed by Weary fiddler Brian Salvi at his studio and self-released. This is a DIY disc that you need to obtain if you are a fan of traditional country music.

I wish I could tell you how to buy Coalinga but for now it seems like the only way to get it is to see them live. If they are coming to your part of the world (tour dates here) then you should go and see them. As good as their cds are, the live version is better. Every time. If they aren’t coming to your town then contact them via myspace and tell them convinced you to buy their awesome new cd “Coalinga” and that they need to take your money.

Since there is barely any mention of this album at all on the internets I’ll give y’all the track listing:

  1. Coalinga
  2. Used to Be
  3. Stranger
  4. Jack of Diamonds
  5. Sweet Blue Eyed Darlin’
  6. Little Girl of Mine in Tennessee
  7. Darlin’ Corey
  8. Theme Time
  9. Blue Yodel #4
  10. Little Birdie
  11. The Orange Blossom Special
  12. The Last Stand of El Sorodo

The Weary Boys Official Site, The Weary Boys on myspace

Here is a review of the show that they played here in town last month that I never got around to posting:

    The Rock Report – The Weary Boys @ New World (4/26)

Mario’s gone and the Weary Boys continue on. That is my take on the new Weary lineup. Last week while talking about the upcoming show I said, “I imagine it will be a tad awkward for the crowd at first, seeing as how most of them probably don¬ít know Mario has left the band yet.” That was pretty darn accurate. When they took the stage you could see the crowd start to put it all together and the scuttlebutt kicked up. This went on for about 5 songs before the crowd realized everything was fine, and then it just became a normal Weary show but with a banjo instead of an electric guitar. The remaining members of the band seemed to be much more engaged with the crowd than in previous visits, and Cary (the drummer) gets more mic time. Hell, the bassist even sang a song. They played a lot of songs from their new cd, which I bought, and by the end of the show everyone was clapping, dancing, singing along, and everything was right with the world. With the departure of Mario their underlying rock and roll is gone though. They are much more traditional now. As a friend of mine said during the show “They are a full on hillbilly band now.”

Indeed they are. They seem to be happier with it and that is all that matters. If you liked them before then fret not….you’ll like them now. It’s possible you’ll like them even more.