The Urbane Cowboys…only the truth tonight

Saturday night, Tampa’s Urbane Cowboys will be celebrating the release of their new cd “…only the truth tonight” with as many of their closest friends that they can pack into Skipper’s Smokehouse. Claiming influence from Hank Sr. to Social D and including the one I can *really* hear, Whiskeytown, the Urbane Cowboys pump out a pop infused brand of’allternative/cow punk/what ever the cool kids are calling it these days. Only the Truth tonight moves effortlessly from the rock and roll riffs of Here We Go Again to the pedal-steel infused country melodies of 30 Days and through the shit-kicking instrumental Saddle Up the guys have definitely put together a collection of tracks to be proud of. Hell, there is even a wonderful cover of The Pixies song, Wave of Mutilation that will make you wish the original had a pedal steel in it. If you are living in the Bay area try and get out to Skipper’s and share some whiskey, wine, and cigarettes with the guys and pick the cd up. You will not be disappointed.

If you do make it out don’t be an asshole like me. Always slumming around local bars watching bands you get used to a certain aesthetic. Beat up instruments, facial hair, stained clothes etc. etc. I’m sure y’all know the uniform. These guys come clean and have beautiful instruments. It is enough to make you (me) prejudge them as a country-rock boy band. As I’ve said before, I can be a judgemental prick. None the less, I tried like hell not to like them at first but after 4 songs they had won. I began tapping my foot, then I was raising my beer after songs, and then I was up front. Moral of the story, don’t be an asshole like Autopsy and you will enjoy the entire show.

The Urbane Cowboys – 30 Days
The Urbane Cowboys – All We Have
The Urbane Cowboys – Here We Go Again

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