I completely missed this album last year and I’m not quite sure how. Hell, when I saw the title it took a little while for me to believe it actually was a new album, but make no mistake, it certainly is. To quote the band, “This record is for the fans – This is what the The Sumner Brothers sound like with a flat of beer, a few friends on occasion and an 8 track.”

In the Garage 2 is more of a follow-up to their debut cd, In The Garage, than the eponymous album that was released between the two. The material for the Garage series is culled from various archives of recorded material, drunk jams, house show performances, impromptu collaborations and whatnot. Obviously, this results in a much rawer sound and feel, but it’s that very sound and feel that made me fall in love with the Sumner Brothers to begin with all those years ago.

It’s 1/2 a year old and I apologize for missing it back then, but don’t sleep on this album folks, it’s Essential Listening to say the least.

The Sumner Brothers – Going Out West
The Sumner Brothers – Sam Hall
The Sumner Brothers – Wang Dang Doodle

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