There was a time when genuine rock bands landed on major labels, received amble promotion, and found success on radio.  I am just old enough to remember this time.  Bands like Cracker and Drivin’n’Cryin’ weren’t huge everywhere but found considerable audiences in various parts of the country.  This was before the consolidation of radio stations and record labels.  It’s in this era that The Sparklers probably could have found similar levels of success.  Their second album, Crying At The Low Bar, harkens back to the quality rock of the late eighties and early nineties without sounding dated or retread.  Two songs from Crying At The Low Bar (“Gingham” & “Falling Apart Makes”) were recently featured on Von’s Americana Mix Podcast, which is where I first heard of them.

Never Underestimate The Moon” is the kind of song every 14 year-old discovering rock’n’roll should listen to.  It has interesting sounds and a catchy melody and enough rock to displease overbearing parents.  Most importantly the song’s title and chorus is the kind of thing a 14 year-old mind could ponder throughout the school day.  What The Sparklers prove throughout the album is that they can write a song.  Standouts include “Gunfire and Confetti” and “Weren’t For Bars” but their website describes the album as a song cycle and for once that’s exactly how I feel about it.  While each sounds uniqe enough the songs drift out of one into another with an emphasis on mood and feel.

There’s a whole lot to like about this record.  I would suggest you listen, buy, like on facebook, tell your friends, make an illegal copy for your younger cousin, thank me.

The Sparklers – Gunfire & Confetti
The Sparklers – Gingham
The Sparklers – New Used Vintage

The Sparklers Official Site, The Sparklers on Facebook, The Sparklers on Spotify, Buy Crying At The Low Bar


  1. I wrote this review about two weeks ago and offhandedly mentioned Cracker and making illegal copies of this album and the review posts the week that David Lowery has a long blog post on the subject that is circulating wildly. Too strange.

    Also, this record really reminds me of a specific early 90’s band but I can’t figure out which one. You got a guess?

  2. Kinds sounds like….

    Blind Melon?
    Gin Blossoms?
    Better Then Ezra?

    That’s about all I got…………

    1. maybe it was gin blossoms, who i dug at one point, but i think this stuff is way more interesting than gin blossoms ever where.

  3. Oh my God. I’m in love.

    I don’t think I’ve felt this way about a band since I first listened to TCG.

    I’m hearing Gin Blossoms, too. Also reminds me just a wee little bit of Sugar. And maybe the Refreshments — but only because they’re comparable to the Gin Blossoms but way more interesting.

  4. I am getting a definite Goo Goo Dolls vibe especially from the vocals. That is not a bad thing as some would say, they had some good stuff before they went the route of cheesy ballads.

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