Because Songs Matter


I’m gonna hop into the wayback machine again today and write about the sophomore cd from The Roseline that came out back in May of last year.

The Roseline is Colin Halliburton (guitar/vocals), Ehren Starks (keyboards), Jenny Davidson (bass), Jeff Jackson (guitar/pedal steel) and James Storms Piller (drums) from Lawrence, Kansas. Lust For Luster is a mellow affair thanks in large part to Colin’s delicate vocals pairing with Jeff Jackson’s pedal steel work. That mellow feeling does not translate to a lot of the lyrical content though, with many of the songs focusing an unkind light on the current nature of excess and materialism. However, much like Todd Snider, they manage to get political without ever making me feel like I am being preached at.

When Lust For Luster was originally released it managed to reach #2 on the Euro Americana Charts and #17 on the Euro Root Music charts. Give the tracks below a try and you’ll see why.

The Roseline - Copper Cylinders     

The Roseline - Bottle It     

The Roseline - Profit     

The Roseline on myspace, Buy Lust For Luster

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