Two Cow Garage

I wasn’t going to cover this show because Two Cow Garage is playing tonight in Florida and I know AIV will be writing up his own review but after seeing them for my first time I realized that there can’t be too many reviews on any given site so this is my take. Let me start by simply saying OH MY GOD! These boys can rock! Without any competition at all this show came in second to only to Slobberbone for the best show I have seen in years. Loud, fast, and frankly fucking punk rock is the easiest way to describe what I witnessed on Friday night.

I got there early and got to meet Micah and Shane (finally) and hang out for a couple of hours prior to them taking the stage. Their piano player had to fly home the night before due to the death of a friend but that didn’t detract from the energy of the evening. I would say I got to meet Cody for the first time but it turns out I met him almost five years ago in Tempe, AZ at the Cory Branan, Koufax, Limbeck and The Honorary Title. I was hanging with Cory after his set and taking pictures of some weird Limbeck fan chick who had curled up in an empty merchandise box and Cody, who was with Koufax at the time, was sitting right there bullshitting with us. Some nights it seems the scene doesn’t get larger it just gets more crowded. So we hung out and talked about life, family, drinking, and so much more. We drank, drank and drank some more. And yes I went on and on like a fan boy and I am not ashamed! Shane confirmed there is some work on a solo effort from him but nothing like a release date or even a label just yet and while it’s not on the radar yet I am pretty stoked that it’s coming eventually. I also talked to the boys about a little idea I had to help promote the new album here on 9B and they approved so keep watching I hope to be able to post more on that next week. Did I mention we drank a little bit? There was whiskey to be had and we had it…

Then Two Cow Garage took the stage and the world came apart at the seams. Micah and Shane are nothing less that rock stars extraordinaire and Cody had a shit eating grin on his face the entire set. From the opening riff to the closing refrain they never stopped. It was song into song into song into song without even a break to catch a breath. Flinging sweat on to the audience from their antics on stage and screaming out every song I am completely amazed that either Micah or Shane could even talk after the show. I was exhausted from screaming along and dancing and they do it every night! They even broke out some older tracks like 135 at the audience’s request which I should mention had to be screamed over the strumming between songs because like I already said they never stopped playing or moving!

This is one of the first shows I have ever walked away from with regrets. I don’t regret leaving the still frame camera and video camera at home and just enjoying the show. I don’t regret screaming along so loud I could barely talk for two days. I don’t regret hanging out until after three in the morning. I don’t regret my ears ringing well in to Sunday. I do regret leaving SXSW early and missing them last year! I couldn’t have seen them locally because I only found out about them four years ago and they haven’t played here in five years. But I can sorely regret not having seen them when I had the chance. If you ever have the chance to catch them live and you don’t then you really must not have a clue. Their albums are amazing but their live show takes their music to another level. Get off your ass and see them. They are good enough that the next time they come through Texas I may well take a couple of days off work and do the Dallas, Austin, Houston circuit just to see them that many more times.

I just want to wrap this up by saying, again, OH MY FUCKING GOD!

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AUTOPSY IV SAYS: I tend not to review shows that I put on so there will be little more than “ditto above” said about the Tampa show unless someone who was there wants to review is. I’ll say, people came, beers were drank and hearing was damaged. Good. Fucking. Times.


  1. The show was stellar. It was a rock out kinda evening from square one. I’m glad we were able to be a part of it and just enjoy the jams. The best part is the band are some of the nicest guys I’ve met. Really into the music and playing.

  2. saw them in Atl and kinda let down……only played an hour and mostly new songs……Micah was cool, very nice and appreciative but the show was short and sweet. Shane only played 2 songs and Micha kept asking sound guy how much longer insted of just rockin’ till they called the show.

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