The Rock Report: Two cow Garage @ New World Brewery

I have listened to their cd’s for a few years. I had read about their show. I had assumed it was gonna be a heck of a rock show…I did not knowI was not ready….I had never seen Two Cow before last night…part of the sacrifice of living in Florida is smaller bands do not get down here…..but Two Cow finally came and boy did they bring the rock with ’em. We missed the local opener “The Human Condition” due to the rare show starting on time…..My friend gave the show high marks. The following band was the touring opener “Glossary“. I had never heard Glossary before last night. They are pretty mellow band with a pedal steel guitar player. Anytime a live band uses a pedal steel it is a good time. Unfortunatly, I did not know any of their songs and the vocals were low in the mix (or I am mostly deaf) so I was unable to make them out. I now have a cd of theirs to get familiar with though…if I like it I will type up some words on it in the coming weeks. After Glossary came Two Cow Garage. Three guys w/a lot of hair and the kind of rock that would make Jack Black chub up. They opened with a new song that will be on their upcoming (March 2007) cd and it was break neck from there…loud…damn were they loud..but they had to be cause the drummer was beating on the drums like a little brother….at one point he was even playing with half a stick….not to be out done Shane and Micah beat on their guitars with an equal amount of aggression, energy and passion…At the beginning of the show Micah said he had thought about mailing the show in but Glossary had done so well he was gonna have to work. After watching the show, I do not think it is possible for these guys to mail it in. The passion these guys play and sing with is palpable and infectious. Halfway through the show I said to my wife “these guys just make you wanna drink beers with them.” Watching them play onstage makes it easy to root for them….you would almost have to be an asshole not to. After the show me and the wife spent an hour or so shooting the shit with Shane about everything from tour tales to guavaween suckness to The Replacements and Springsteen to the awesomeness of their good friends and faves I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House (who I *really* need to write a post about). Usually, when you meet a band they are nice and gracious but they talk backwards…what I mean by that is that they are willing to talk but only for a moment…they are always on their way to do something….Not these guys…shit, I venture to guess that if my lame ass real world job would not have forced me to leave that me and the wife would have pulled some more money from the ATM and hung out these guys and had beers and good times till last call. I begged them to come back down this way. Begged to the point of almost embarrassing myself….but you can not embarrass yourself when you are trying to get a good rock show into town….but mark my words….if they are wiling to come back down into Florida in support of their new cd I will do everything I can to get them shows in a few towns and their Tampa show can be the first presents show….and Shane, if you are reading this I was fuck-an-A serious about that barbecue and bottle of whiskey…for both you and ICLASOB…I got spare beds and a couch y’all can sleep on and a never ending supply of whiskey….PLEASE play Florida again.

Friday night I am gonna go see The Cult…and, i m excited about that show…but I can tell you right now…The Cult will rock half as hard and have twice the “rock star” attitude as Two Cow Garage. When/If they return to Tampa…any of my friends that read this who do not go can expect to get punched in the stomach.

Two Cow Garage – Burn in Hell
Two Cow Garage – Alphabet City
Two Cow Garage – Saturday Night

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