I’ve received a few emails this week asking when I was gonna post a recap of the SH party weekend. I guess this post will serve as a just that, but as a whole I’m not going to. See, this is my second trip to Denver for this show and it’s really not about the music. I mean, I love the music, but the SH trip is about something else. It’s about friendships, fellowships and celebration with a particularly awesome soundtrack. See, this is a neat musical scene we run in. It’s a scene where even the biggest and most popular artists can be found sitting at the bar before they go on stage, talking to the fans. It’s a scene where a merch table can be left unattended for an hour and nothing goes missing. We’re (the fans and the bands) all co-patriots in the same war and treat each other accordingly.

Is that speaking in hyperbole? Sure, to a point, but the essence is 100% accurate. In our little scene, the line between fan and band is so razor thin it almost doesn’t exist. A point that was easily proven, as Micah Schnabel stood front stage with the rest of us singing along with Mike D. during I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch’s set, or when Austin Lucas invited the entire venue on stage for a song to close his set, and tens of other examples over the weekend.

The point is, the weekend is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s bigger than one band’s set or another’s. It doesn’t matter if a band had a bad night, ‘cause it may have been the shot you bought them that fucked it all up. The annual Suburban Home Party in Denver, Colorado serves (for me) as an annual affirmation that my passion (these bands, this music, the people that love it) is just, and that ninebullets should be a conduit for that music to reach more people, and to be honest… can’t “review” that. You can’t type up a synopsis for that. Is that cheating the 9B readers that didn’t get to go? Maybe, but not nearly as much as you cheated yourself for not being there. You have about 350 days. Start saving now and next year you’ll be nodding to yourself in agreement when I copy/paste this exact post for 2011.


  1. That’s a great review of the weekend, to be honest. I got a better sense of how killer it was from reading that than hearing what songs were played. Sounds like a blast.

  2. Hey Nick – start practicing now, cause Team 352 is planning to being back-to-back washers champions!!

  3. Will do you me/us one little favor? I have seen Mike D a half dozen times and his stage banter is some of the best around. I am sure he had some nuggets of wisdom saved up for that night. Would you be so inclined to share just the best one with us?

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