The Rock Report: The Cult @ Janus Landing, St. Petersburg

It was with lowered expectations and a warm whiskey buzz that I walked into Janus last week for my second Cult show in a year. Last time I saw them, I felt a little let down because they didn’t sound like The Cult I had remembered from 17 years ago. I knew what I was walking into this time and was quite familiar with the new material, so I felt like I was gonna be in for a good show. Ian, Billy and crew took the stage and ran through an acceptable mixing of their new material, buffered with all the classics Cult fans wanted to hear. Time is a bitch, though, especially if you are a singer. With age comes vocal degradation. Ian still sounds like Ian, but he just can’t perform the songs in the same manner that he did 17 years ago. This put me off last year, but this year I went in knowing how it was gonna be, and like Jimi Hendrix said, “If you wanna hear it the way it sounds on the album, stay home and listen to the album.” That said, Ian performed the new material perfectly. Lucky for Billy, time is much kinder to guitarists and he was spot on. All in all, I am glad I went to see them even after being somewhat disappointed by the last show. I had a much better time and would recommend that any long time Cult fan go see them again. Enjoy it, but remember, you can’t do the shit you used to do 17 years ago, and neither can Mr. Astbury…but that doesn’t make it rock any less.

The Cult – King Contrary Man
The Cult – Edie
The Cult – I, Assassin
The Cult – Born Into This

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