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The folks who run the Creative Loafing music site want me to get these out pretty quickly after the show and the truth is, I wanted to do a show recap yesterday but I couldn’t formulate coherent thoughts or actions.

When I slithered out of bed Wednesday morning I wasn’t sure if I was still drunk or still enjoying a post-show high from The Black Diamond Heavies. Either was entirely possible and the truth is I was probably suffering a little from both. Not to mention, my ears were still fuxxored from the night’s abuse. The Black Diamond Heavies rolled into St. Petersburg on Tuesday night and delivered a full-scale sonic ass whupping on everyone present.

Pounding their way through almost an hour of material from their two albums, Every Damn Time and A Touch Of Someone Else’s Class, the band delivered in every way I had hoped, nay…expected. I was giddy like a school girl for two days before this show and it lived up to every expectation I had for it. There really is no reason for you to miss these guys when they come to your neck of the woods. Go see them now and in a few years you’ll be able to say you saw them “back when”.

And trust me on this, bring some ear plugs.

You can lots see more pictures over on After The Hours.

Black Diamond Heavies - Smooth It Out     

Black Diamond Heavies - Bidin’ My Time     

Black Diamond Heavies - White Bitch     


  1. November 22, 2008    

    Yeah bro, gotta totally agree with ya on this one…those guys completely fuckin’ ROCKED!

  2. Skip Skip
    November 22, 2008    

    BDF were one of the best bands at the Deep Blues Fest. I’m jealous they haven’t been in my area since…


  3. Skip Skip
    November 22, 2008    

    Geez, that’s BDH, not BDF

  4. November 23, 2008    

    That’s allright.
    DBF ’09 is only a few months away.
    Will I see you this year?

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