Bob Log came. Bob Log saw. Bob Log asked us to shit down his leg.

To say that Bob Log kicked ass is an illustration of words not doing a show justice.

To say that you missed a fantastic show is less a declaration and more of a me pointing and laughing at you…the lazy scene that is Tampa/St. Pete.

So yeah, Bob Log came and, in typical fashion, Tampa/St. Pete didn’t.

You Suck.

Bob Log fucking ruled.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m gonna let James’ photos do the rest of the talking since all I wanna talk about is how shitty the Bay area’s music scene is and how sick I am of making excuses for it….It rained. Gasparilla is 278 days away…etc. etc. But before I go, lemme ask you Tampa, lemme ask you St. Pete: Why is it Orlando’s music scene can be so damned good and ours so freaking shitty?


Edit: I wrote this is a fevered pace 1/2 drunk an hour after the show. Sober, I thought about deleting it and moving on but then I decided it needs to be said. The Tampa/St. Pete music crowd has gotten so complacent it’s almost…no…is…it is embarrassing. So there. I said it and I feel better for it.
Bob Log III – Goddamn Sounds Good
Bob Log III – My Shit Is Perfect
Bob Log III – Boob Scotch


  1. I love it when people bitch about how lousy there local scene is. Because then I don’t feel so alone. Two Cow Garage came to Spokane. The good news is is that It was basically a private party for me and my friends. The better news is that it re-affirmed my knowledge that my town blows! Keep up the good work AIV.

  2. YEAH. If you’re not a radio band or part of the indie buzz culture ain’t nobody around here gonna pay a bit of attention to you.

    Nobody is willing to just go see some folks they’ve never heard of anymore.

  3. hey, totally agree with your drunken rant. i went to the bob log show on sunday, by myself, sailed down from safety harbor, only because i read about it here on 9bullets. ran into some friends at durty nelly’s whilst pre show whiskey-ing, and brought them over to the show. whilst at the show, ran into my buddies alex and max from roppongi’s ace, who brought all the pogoing kids in the middle of the dance floor. so you’re reaching us, if only 1, 2, 3 at a time. keep up the good work.

  4. Our local scene is fine, better than many metro areas. For May I made it to Gaslight Anthem, Jason Isbell, Tim Easton. We both missed Kenneth Brian. You talked up this show well in advance, just not a fan.

  5. Its a little late for me to coment, I just came across this. The Bob Log III show was actually a good turn out considering it was Sunday on a holliday beach weekend- We did 98 paid through the door.

    I wouldnt say Orlandos music scene is better that St. Pete. The Orlando venue was much smaller with a much smaller cap. If the St. Pete show was on the sat. we would of had a equal or more turn out wise. There are pics and video of the show on the Hillgrass Bluebilly Fla myspace. Not trying to be argumentative not like it matters two months after the fact.

  6. Its not just there in St Pete. IT’s EVERYWHERE. I (Keith, owner/founder of Hillgrass Bluebilly) have been all over the united states with Bob LOg, Scott H Biram, Possessed by Paul James, Left Lane Cruiser, Weary Boys…you name it. Without mass communications, we will not have mass audiences. We all need to do our “word of mouth” part for now. I need to make 1000’s of comp CDs and pass em out. SO MUCH has to be done. I am working on starting more HBE chapters. If the press wont come to us, we will build around them, maybe have our own magazine soon. Feel free to holler at me at if you want to talk about this, and how WE can make it grow..

    Bob Log is king of blues guitar, and a superhero. period

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