The Protomen – Act II – The Father Of Death

The Protomen

Greets, all. Tech guy Trevor here again. That’s right, I’ll post here anytime AIV’s back is turned!

You may recall a post I made here about The Protomen a few months ago. It was just prior to AIV and I heading to Nerdapalooza and sampling its nerdy, nerdy fruits. Well it turns out The Protomen make a great live experience …in my opinion, but AIV had complaints about the sound. No doubt, the acoustics of the little conference hall and ongoing mixing problems at the event contributed to lessen the sound quality, but the band rocked on despite that.

Anyway, The Protomen have just released their much-anticipated follow-up to the self-titled concept album with a prequel album called “Act II – The Father Of Death” and I duly reviewed it on sister-site, Click here to check out the new release!