The Protomen

Greets, all. This is 9b techie Trevor, filling in for AIV while he’s indisposed.

The Protomen

AIV and I are headed to Orlando’s Nerdapalooza (blog) festival in just over a week, and by chance, there may actually be someone on the heavily Nerdcore-oriented list that you may enjoy. I know I’ve had a hard time not listening to them since first checking them out.

I’ll let Wikipedia tell it:

The Protomen is an American rock band best known for composing an original rock opera based on the popular video game, Mega Man. Because of the group’s insistence on wearing costumes and using code-names, even when being interviewed, The Protomen remain a mysterious entity within the video game music scene. Their costumes and general stage presence has been compared to that of Daft Punk. Despite often being classified as a niche, the Protomen have achieved a cult following thanks, in part, to frequent mentions in popular video game web sites as well as a dedicated fan-base.

Yeah. I know. “It’s based on a video game?” They’ve taken some themes from the game, undeniably, but what they’ve created goes way beyond it. Check out these tracks to see what I mean.

Unrest in the House of Light
Father of Death
No Easy Way Out

You can find more about The Protomen on their MySpace page, and their official website (where you can buy their CDs, if you are so inclined.)

6 thoughts on “The Protomen”

  1. You know, I had never heard of The Protomen until you mentioned them once on Twitter, and I have to say… I’m glad you did. They are really much better than I expected them to be. If it weren’t for the fact their lyrics are based on the megaman story, they really shouldn’t be classified “Nerdcore”… Thanks for introducing me to them!

  2. My youngest son had told me about this music, he is suddenly buying old Commodore 64 computers and sid cartridges and 8 bit noisemakers and says this stuff is fun as hell…I’m like, yeah yeah , but I’m old now and this is yours…
    And then Autopsy posts some on the podcast (which stuck in dialup hell I never try – sorry)
    BUT – I come here because if there is ONE thing this site gives me it’s music I will NOT hear here in Central Ky radiohell… and I gave these a listem…
    THIS is different AND really really good… LOL
    Now I have to go shell out some bux on protomen.comm and get the damned cd – thanx a lot 😛

  3. I once read a review of this album saying it was better than it had any right to be. That’s pretty much true. What an amazing album, especially considering the premise.

  4. @Clint “Nerdcore” is specifically hip-hop. I just meant to say they were playing a festival mostly made up of nerdcore artists. =^) Glad you’re digging it!

    @John Lewis You’re welcome! lol

    @Matty I’d have to agree!

  5. @Trevor Ah that makes much more sense. I had a dream the other night that I was hanging out with Tony Hawk, and we could hear The Protomen playing Nerdpalooza in the distance.. No joke.

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