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There was a time when you could have asked me to name something about Albuquerque and I would have shrugged my shoulders and mumble something about deserts. That was before I started watching Breaking Bad.

There was a time you would have asked me about the Albequrque music scene and I would shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something about Boris McCutcheon (who is excellent btw). That was before I’d started listening to The Porter Draw.

The Porter Draw are Ben Wood (banjo), Russell Pyle (guitar/vocals), Joshua Gingerich (guitar/harmonica/vocals), Dandee Fleming (bass), and Joey Gonzales (drums) and their album, California Widow, has been criminally uncelebrated since coming out last December. If you’re a fan of Doc Dailey, then you’re gonna like what these guys are doing. The band does an excellent job of fusing an old-country feel to a new blugrass sound to make something they like to call “aggressive country.”

I couldn’t have labeled it better myself other than to call it Essential Listening.

The Porter Draw - Davey     

The Porter Draw - One Day     

The Porter Draw - Athens     

The Porter Draw’s Official Site, The Porter Draw on Facebook, The Porter Draw on Spotify, Buy California Widow


  1. Mike Ostrov Mike Ostrov
    June 21, 2012    

    Albuquerque is where Bugs makes all his wrong turns. The Porter Draw is very good.

    • June 21, 2012    

      And he was usually heading to Hoboken.

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