The Only Sons – When The New Wears Off

I had a loveseat once.

Recently I moved into a basement apartment, it was terrible experience and life in the basement has been rather deflating.  Fourteen months ago I lived in a home I owned but couldn’t continue to afford.  I picked up and moved across the country into a duplex and started a business.  A year later I needed to spend less on rent and thus a basement apartment.

During the move I filled the basement and worked in a circle trying to find places for everything.  I would get one area partway set up and then have to move to another section to clear some clutter.  It took days and I knew I wasn’t happy and that some of my stuff just wasn’t going to fit.

My basement still isn’t very good but things started to come together when I made a decision about the loveseat.  I put the loveseat at a friend’s house and suddenly the whole basement seemed to be tied together.  My loveseat is like the rug that The Dude owns in The Big Lebowski, but opposite.

I only told that story because I’m convinced that The Dude would love The Only Sons.  Really convinced.  I first heard the previous Only Sons record, American Stranger, when it was reviewed on Nine Bullets and picked up a copy.  It took a few months for the record to grow on me but it was real solid rock.

Something changed in the sound between American Stranger and When The New Wears Off.  There’s more swamp now and more boot stomping.  I don’t know if they were in the studio and somebody was yelling for them to add more boot stomp but it sure sounds like it.

“Devil’s Circus” is an opener that means business and the title track follows without letting go of the good time momentum.  And then “Bully” is a better song than the first two.  There are a couple of songs about being in a band or the life of a musician, a trend that I’ve never been fond of but with “Helping Hand” The Only Sons tap into a trend I’m much more a fan of.  It’s got a little bit of south swagger and soul mixed with the guitar rock of the rest of the album.

Here’s what I’m certain of-if you dig the three songs here you’ll enjoy the whole album.  And When The New Wears Off is a great title and Essential Listening.

The Only Sons – Devil’s Circus
The Only Sons – Bully
The Only Sons – Helping Hand

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