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Time to abstain, pack it in, call it quits, throw in the towel, fold. After 6 years, 4 LPs, 2 EPs and a lotta shows, TOS is at an end. Most friends know we’ve had a rough couple of years and founding member/drummer Blake parted ways with the band back in April so we’ve decided that now was the right time to move on. Thank you to every single person who has ever supported our band. We never took you for granted, trust me. That being said – I’m very optimistic about the future. I’m in the middle of writing my debut solo album right now and it’s going really well. Hopefully she’ll be out in 2013 and I can be off the bench by then. Thanks again ya’ll. See you soon.


It’s too bad but it’s also been kind of obvious in coming. We booked them down here in St. Pete/Tampa a few times and had some good times with the boys whenever they were in town. The practical joke the boys from Chase 56 played on the band the morning after the Ninebullets 4th Anniversary Party will always be in my Top 10 practical jokes ever.

Hopefully good things lie ahead for these guys.

The Only Sons – Standing Water

Oh shit! Said practical joke was taped by the Chase 56 boys and put on youtube! Trust me, the other end of this call bought it hook line and sinker and the reactions were HILARIOUS!

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  1. Shucks. I really thought the last tour they did was their best, that they were amazing as a three-piece.

    Is Chase 56 still around? I’ve been waiting for them to release that song they wrote like the night before the 9B anniversary party they played the first time that day. It went “Why don’t you love me, why don’t you love me!” Now I’ll never know.

    1. Hey Mike. Hell yeah we’re still around. Bookin’ a late summer tour as we speak. That song is called “Into the Wind” we’ve now recorded it (a couple different versions in fact) and plan to release it at some point … as soon as … um … yeah. Hopefully soon. Follow along:

      Sucks about TOS. Those dicks (joking) were like family to us. Family that we only knew for a handful of blurry misguided nights. Family that we didn’t totally despise. Family that could take a direct joke to the chin. … Ok, they weren’t like family at all. What the fuck am I talking about.

      And by the way Autopsy Niner, while we’re at it, we’re all still pissed at you for inviting us down to the 9B fest, treating us like royalty, getting us ass-first wasted, helping us out with gas$ and even sharing your rotgut whiskey with us, then telling us how much you liked our music. That was awful. We hope it never happens again.


  2. bummer, been diggin on their new album a lot lately, syked for the new project.

  3. Looks like the new finally wore off.

    In all seriousness, I’ve loved all of the albums, so I look forward to seeing what Kent and the others can cook up in the future.

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