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If I’ve been anything this year when it comes to the podcast it’s been inconsistent. Luckily, my fellow writers have stepped up to help me out with the podcast. So, here is an hour as curated by Charles Hale. Lemme tell y’all. It sounds like nothing I would have put together but I’ve listened to it 3 times already. Hope y’all like it as much as I do. ~ Autopsy IV

Hey, bet you didn’t see this coming.

The podcast is back, and back about a month after Episode 26.  Autopsy IV graciously accepted my offer to put this thing together and I could not have been more thrilled.  Years and years ago I was a college radio DJ and damn if it wasn’t the best job ever.  There wasn’t a dollar of pay but I’d loved it.  I’ve got no voice for radio but I hope you dig the songs I’ve strung together.

In this episode we’ve got some older stuff; Steve Earle, Eddie Hinton, & RL Burnside and some brand new and unreleased tracks from American Aquarium and Truckstop Darlin’.  We’ve got stuff we’ve written about recently and things we’ll be writing about soon.  And we’ve got a great song from a guy I found two days before putting the podcast together.  He goes by Wolfcryer and if you’re a fan of McDougall then I think you’re going to dig it.

Play this shit loud.

Track Listing:

02.The District Attorneys – I Can’t Make The Distance, You’ll Have To Meet Me Halfway – Slowburner
03.The Coloradas – Our Disguises – Self Titled
04.Corey Branan – Jericho – Mutt
05.Wolfcryer – Fell On Down – Self Titled
07.Eddie Hinton – Letters From Mississippi – Letters From Mississippi
08.RL Burnside – Goin Down South – Ass Pocket Full Of Whiskey
09.Jack White – Sixteen Saltines – Blunderbuss
10.Dinero – Concealed Weapons and Open Containers – Sheep
12.Spirit Family Reunion – I Am Following The Sound – No Seperation
13.Steve Earle – A Gringo’s Tale – The Revolution Starts Now
14.American Aquarium – Abe Lincoln – Burn.Flicker.Die
15.Drag The River – Amazing G – It’s Crazy
16.Truckstop Darlin’ – Southern Ghosts – Hope And The Heart It Breaks
17.Lucero – Chain Link Fence – Tennessee
19.Taj Mahal – She Caught The Katy – In Progress & In Motion
20.Lindsay Fuller – Everything I Ever Had – You Anniversary
21.Langhorne Slim & The Law – Past Lives – The Way We Move

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  1. July 28, 2012    

    man we sure sure love the mountain goats. we’d really dig having them play on our stage!

  2. AdHoff AdHoff
    July 30, 2012    

    Good work, Charles. I really liked the change up this podcast.

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