There has been a whole lot of love coming this album’s way, but it took about 4 times through before I heard what they had from the beginning. Now that I’ve come around and heard it, please allow me to say that I love this album.

The Mastersons are the husband and wife duo of Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore. Apparently, these two come with quite the pedigree, but I gotta admit I’d never heard of either one until this album came out. If that makes me a shitty music fan, then stamp the label on my ass and let’s move on.

Anyhow, Birds Fly South is their debut album, and since recording the band has slowly built a following while performing as part of Steve Earle’s backing band where he would step away somewhere in the middle of his shows and let this duo sing a few songs. I imagine those moments might have been the highlight of said shows for some. While they might be spouses, Birds Fly South ain’t some stare longingly into one another’s eyes and harmonize about being islands in some stream album. No, Birds Fly South is cut from a more honest cloth and, honestly, is usually dirty and unsure of its footing, which is why we love it in our music and hate it in our lives.

Ever heard the saying that “Music is what feelings sound like”? Well, Birds Fly South fits that sentence perfectly.

The Mastersons – You Don’t Know
The Mastersons – The Other Side
The Mastersons – Birds Fly South

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