Normally when I dig through the “Discover” function on Spotify it’s all either stuff I know or stuff that makes me think “Spotify, go home, you’re drunk!” But then every once in a while a real gem pops up. When I saw The Lusitania’s For Better Hallway Vision, I thought “A band out of West Texas, named after a maritime disaster, and an album with a Breakfast Club quote for a name, why the hell not?” (Also perusing their FB page I notice a lot of the usual suspects , like Michael Jett, have liked them so I blame each and every one of you for not turning me on to them sooner!)

At six songs, For Better Hallway Vision, is on the cusp of being a full length album but I still think it’s an EP and the band bills it as such. Even with the short length this thing comes across as strong as most full length records. When you queue this one up the first thing that’ll hit you is the scorching opener, “Lucinda”, if you aren’t hooked by the end of that one then there’s really no hope for you and you ought to just become a hermit so you don’t breed and spread whatever ignorance fuels you. But a strong start doesn’t an album make and let me assure you that’s not all that’s going on here. In just six songs these guys manage to squeeze an amazing amount of music. You see the rockers are good but where FBHV really shines is the couple of slow burners with the closing track, “The Lock”, being just about the perfect ending to this all too short effort. The only flaw is that it’s only six tracks but at the same time it feels complete and I think that speaks volumes about the talent present on this record.

Honestly, there’s just something about Mike Duncan’s voice that really pulls everything together, it has just the right amount of twang and grit without it seeming like an affectation. Add in the rhythm of Blake Duncan (bass) and Charles Berry (drums), the keyboards of Adi Kanlic, and Will Daughert’s guitar with everything I’ve already talked about and you’ve got a formula that makes this Essential Listening. Hell I’ll even give you two songs to get you hooked even though it should only take one! I know I won’t miss seeing the guys live should I ever get a chance and I’ll make sure I jump on anything else they put out.

For Better Hallway Vision

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  1. Good buddies of mine. I almost had them signed to Suburban Home Records a few years ago, but we all know how that went. Great dudes, good band. They even liked to come up to Colorado and play my birthday party every couple years. Le sigh. they need to play more.

    1. If I had just heard about them sooner I would have tried to tempt them to play my birthday this year. I don’t know how much they tour but I plan to see them at my first opportunity.

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