I’ve been trying to decide if I should review this album for months. I love it but I wasn’t sure how it would mesh with some of the other stuff on Nine Bullets. Then I saw them live and decided I didn’t give a damn if Smart Flesh was too artsy, experimental, or abstract. The Low Anthem has more talent than any band I’ve ever seen.

The melodies on Smart Flesh and Ben’s vocal delivery are so infectious and unique I have no idea who to compare it too. Then there are the sounds. At times the music slides into the soundscape area but for the most part The Low Anthem use guitar, bass, drums, organs, clarinets, trumpets, saws, and several instruments I’d have look up on wikipedia to find out what they were, to create some really kick ass music.

Am I gushing enough? Smart Flesh is Essential Listening. Check out the tracks below, play them again. The music The Low Anthem makes is intelligent and heartfelt and it’s the kind of music people shut up in a bar for. And I’m all for getting sloppy and rocking my fist and hollering along to the band but sometimes it’s good to just listen and have your mind blown and be totally freaking out but not moving. Listen to Smart Flesh in the car, listen to it with headphones.

Enjoy this Essential Listening.

The Low Anthem – Apothecary Love
The Low Anthem – Hey, All You Hippies!
The Low Anthem – Golden Cattle

The Low Anthem’s Official Site, The Low Anthem on Facebook, The Low Anthem on Spotify, Buy Smart Flesh

8 thoughts on “THE LOW ANTHEM – SMART FLESH”

  1. I *loved* OMG Charlie Darwin. But there’s something about Smart Flesh that I just can’t like. Maybe I’ve never listened to it in the right setting. I didn’t really like their first album, What the Crow Brings, either. I can’t quite define what OMGCD does for me that the other don’t.

    1. After I wrote this I thought that maybe I should have said something about how I think the Oh My God Charlie Darwin album is a better introduction to The Low Anthem. I agree that it is their best of the three but after a couple of months of listening to SF that I love it. Some of the distortion threw me off at first but now it all sounds like LA noises. And the quite songs on SF are excellent.

      1. I’m going to make sitting down and doing nothing else but listening to SF my activity for the night.

  2. Gotta go along with this

    1. Oh My God Charlie Darwin
    2. What the Crow Brings
    3. Smart Flesh

    Which is not to say that Smart Flesh is a darn good record.

  3. HearYa has a couple of live sessions that are pretty kick ass. And they’re free as well.

  4. There are a couple of sessions out on Daytrotter as well…the latest features songs from “Smart Flesh”.

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