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The Henry Girls are from Ireland, The Fox Hunt is from West Virginia and they teamed up in January of 2011 to record the mini album Mountains To The Ocean.  It was released in the last part of 2012 but we’re just getting to it now.  Sue us.

If you’ve been reading Nine Bullets for a while you’re no doubt familiar with The Fox Hunt.  I hold them in high regard and consider the couple of times I’ve seen them play as highlights.  They’ve been rather quiet of late so any new music from them is a welcome addition.

I could just tell you that these seven songs are awesome and leave it at that but I’ll try to do a little better.  The boys and the girls trade off vocals from song to song and on “Dig A Little Deeper” everyone sings.  My favorite song is The Henry Girls led “You Can Leave Right Now” but I also really like “You’re Too Late.”  I could highlight all seven songs here but really you need to buy this and listen for yourself.  It’s Essential Listening, that’s a fact.

The Henry Girls and The Fox Hunt - You're Too Late     

The Henry Girls and The Fox Hunt - You Can Leave Right Now     

Henry Girls Official Site, The Fox Hunt on Facebook, Buy Mountains To The Ocean


  1. Mark Mark
    March 4, 2013    

    Ben Townsend, and John Miller are playing with The Hackensaw Boys now. I believe The Fox Hunt is on hiatus due to one member becoming a new father.

    • March 4, 2013    

      that’s a good scoop. I had no idea they were with THB, listening to their record now.

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