I almost shuffled this one to the bottom of my stack of stuff to listen to, again, because the cover is kid of goofy and I have been disappointed with a lot music of late. Holy shit I am glad I didn’t! The Heelers are not your standard Texas music fare in that they are not country and they aren’t bar-band-frat-rock. Hell I didn’t even know that Brent Best of Slobberbone fame had produced “Devil on your Shoulder” until just a few minutes before I started writing this here little article and I try to keep with Bren’t projects (I fail at that a lot so it’s not all that surprising). Even with my favorite bands it sometimes takes a couple of listens for me to really fall in love with an album but I was ready to tell you about these boys before the disc even stopped spinning the first time through!

“Devil on your Shoulder” is full of amazing songs, musically and lyrically, and the only negative thing that even comes to mind is that while every song is great the album doesn’t necessarily feel like “an album”. (I am guessing that if you read this site you know what I mean so I won’t explain) But even that doesn’t take away from the talent here. These boys from Denton seem to have a knack for when to drop in a little punk or let their twang shine through. I can even hear a little of The ‘Mats in there. I could list a whole bunch of other influences you can hear or reason this album is Essential Listening, and trust me it is that, but I figure you people want to hear it for yourself so I’ll wrap it up by saying that frontman Issac Hoskins’ writing is only overshadowed by his voice which is just amazing. Do yourself a favor and go buy this one.

The Heelers – I Don’t Remember When
The Heelers – My Disease
The Heelers – Qualified Apologies

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  1. The cover is a somewhat stylized portrait of Isaac himself based on his ideas about how he wanted it to look. And yeah, it’s a great album, so you can’t judge a record by its cover! If you haven’t listened to any of his prior music, you really should – it’s just as good, and he uses a variety of styles, too, pulling them all off remarkably well. He’s one of the most talented guys I’ve ever met.

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