Feb 142011

It’s not too often we write about EPs here on ninebullets but 2011 seems to be starting off as the year of the EP, and it’s been since 2007 that we’ve heard anything from these guys.

The Hackensaw Boys are a string band from Charlottesville, Virginia who got their start playing street corners and Saturday morning markets around their hometown. After 6 years of taking the DIY approach they signed with Nettwerk Records for the release of Love What You Do and Look Out. but it seems that with the release of this EP the band is on their own again.

The Old Sound Of Music Vol. 1 is a collection of 6 original tracks which highlight the songwriting of all six members. It is set to be followed by a Vol. 2 sometime early this year. Recommended for anyone who feels that time, popularity and (maybe) Don Was has watered down Old Crow Medicine Show, The Hackensaw Boys bring the Appalachian string band roots with punk rock flowers hard and raw. Check it out if you get a chance.

The Hackensaw Boys – Noon or Midnight

The Hackensaw Boys’ Official Site, The Hackensaw Boys on Facebook, Buy The Old Sound Of Music Vol. 1

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  1. Did you know Old Crow are from just up the interstate in Harrisonburg, VA? Random fact

    • That is actually not true Truersound. Old Crow medicine show is a band comprised of members that come from various locations in the united states. I’m not sure that any of them actually come from harrisonburg. In fact the random fact is that the band old crow cam out of, called Route 11 boys, actually consisted of a few former Hackensaw Boys.

  2. How come the Lady Antebellum album didnt make the essential listening list? You do have less credibility than bernie madoff.

  3. LOL.
    I’m a freakin’ fraud!

  4. I enjoy some of his music, However I think it is ironic that he is on a soap box trying to “get the music to the fans and break down walls” when he is a DJ on a pay-to-listen radio station.

  5. and he writes rock music now…

  6. Hackensaw Boys kick ass, and always put on a great show! They rocked the deck ant The Abbey bar over the summer what an awesome time I’m looking forward to the new EP’s.

  7. Check out Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees. Another Charlottesville VA band

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