The Hackensaw Boys

I went down to our local Saturday market this morning to pick up some vegetables for dinner. There was a classic bluegrass string band providing the entertainment, so I decided to grab me and the dog a hot dog and watch them for a little while. On the walk back home, I decided it was time to sit down and type something up about the Hackensaw Boys.

The Hackensaw Boys are a string band from Charlottesville, North Carolina Virginia. They started polishing their chops on the streets, much like that string band I saw this morning. After six years of playing and touring on their own, they signed with Nettwerk Records and released the album, Love What You Do. While loved by critics and newcomers, some old time fans found their debut to be too tame and polished for their liking, and it seems that the band took those observations to heart when they sat down to record their newest album, aptly titled Look Out.

The current Hackensaw lineup is Jesse Fiske on bass, accordion, harmonica and guitar; Jimmy Stelling on banjo and fiddle; Robert Bullington on mandolin and guitar; Ferd Moyse on fiddle and bass; Ward Harrison on guitar and Justin Neuhardt on charismo, spoon and saw; and former Hackensaw Boy/current Modest Mouse Tom Peloso also contributing to two songs. With Look Out, they have established themselves as a Bluegrass/Sting band to rival label mates Old Crow Medicine Show. Bringing a sound that could be described as Old Crow meets the Avett Brothers, The Hackensaw Boys are making old-time music with a rock and roll attitude. It was really difficult for me to choose only three songs for this posting, the album is just that good. Essential Listening to be sure, but Look Out could also be called essential buying. Furthermore, by all web accounts, they are not a band to be missed should they come to your neck of the woods.

Check it out.

The Hackensaw Boys – Oh, Girl
The Hackensaw Boys – Radio
The Hackensaw Boys – Sally Ann

You can also check out It Burns When I Pee Episode #5 which features an interview with Ward and also features some Hackensaw Boys songs.

The Hackensaw Boys Official Site, The Hackensaw Boys on myspace, Buy Look Out

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  1. They’re from Charlottesville, Virginia not Charlottesville, North Carolina. Also, Jimmy Stelling is no longer a member of the band.

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