I’ll be honest with y’all. I’ve never been too big on The Gourds. Like most fringe fans, I came to know the band via their cover of “Gin and Juice”. Loving that track, I tried to get into the band but outside of a track here and there I’ve just never been too down with them. So, when Haymaker! came out I wasn’t exactly beating a path to the record store to pick it up. Matter of fact, had it not been for a friend handing the cd to me and cyber-harassing me for days afterwards I probably never would have heard the album at all.

That would have been a shame for me.

I’m obviously not well versed enough in “the gourds sound” to nail it down, but there is definitely something different about this album than the rest and somewhere in that difference is a cd I’m loving. Even long-time Gourds fans and critics are acknowledging something different about the album. It almost seems a little reeled-in and reserved. I dunno. I do know this, though, even if you’ve been cool on The Gourds in the past you should give this album a chance. They got me.

The Gourds – Shreveport
The Gourds – Country Love
The Gourds – Bridgett

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3 thoughts on “THE GOURDS – HAYMAKER!”

  1. I was never a huge fan of theirs either but I really like this record. I find that it’s got much better than expected replay value.

  2. If you haven’t yet, take a listen to the last three albums before Haymaker!… “Blood of the Ram”, “Heavy Ornamentals” and “Noble Creatures”. Their sound has evolved towards something more electrified over the past 5 years. While you’re at it, check out some of their live shows at the live music archive.

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