Seven years is a long time. Longer than lots of marriages. Seven years on the internet is the real world equivalent of the span between ice ages. For the past seven years I have owned ninebullets. I have booked shows in Texas, Florida and Georgia for the site, written countless reviews, listened to more bad music than any human should have to all for that hidden gem. Over those years I think I found one or two.

But. After seven years I can with complete confidence say that I am done and as of today I will no longer be the owner of From today forward, RomeoSidVicous, the first contributor I ever brought on board, has stepped up to take on the responsibilities of running the sites day to day operations.

That said, nothing should change for you, the reader except that the site will be consistently updated again. All of the contributors will still be writing for the site as well as myself.

So. Thanks to all of y’all for helping me take 9b from the 10 hits it got the first day it was online to being mentioned on VH1 and in the Chicago Suntimes. I am sure the site is in more than capable hands and watch for me in the reviews section.

Autopsy IV


  1. Man, first Frank at Chromewaves, then April at Now This Sound is Brave, and now you! I gave up last year and have been thinking about reviving it. But it’s a pain in the ass when it becomes a chore and is no fun anymore. Best wishes Bryan. You should still keep writing in some way though. You are good at it.

  2. For years, I was introduced to the bands I loved via this site. Then, people were introduced to my band the same way. I big time owe you beers on beers on beers. Thanks for everything, Bryan.

  3. I assume you’ll continue doing reviews (hopefully more often than recently?). Your tastes in music seemed to parallel mine a lot more than other reviewers.
    That said, looking forward to this site being more active than in recent months.

  4. And I hope to keep the fine tradition this site has always had alive and kicking. We’ve got a great group of writers and I’m frankly humbled that AIV handed the reigns over to me. I’ve got a little tinkering to do in the background but I really want 9B to keep going in the direction it always has. I just hope I can live up to the job of running this joint.

  5. Thanks for updating us – I was getting worried about you. NB has been, hands down, my favorite blog ever. You’ve introduced me to so many bands! Best wishes to you as you go forward.

  6. This site introduced me to all of my favorite artists for the past 5 years. Thanks for everything. Will you still be doing NB Radio?

  7. Thanks so much for your work these past seven years, Bryan! You inspired me to start my own blog and introduced me to incredible, soul-shattering music. Best of luck and I’m looking forward to your reviews!

  8. I echo Todd’s statement. This is the one constant in my internet world. i’ve told countless people about it and have discovered an assload of music because of your efforts over the years. i’m glad sid is keeping it going. good luck to you Brian. hope the radio show is going to continue.

  9. All the best Bryan thanks for introducing me to so much great music and being an inspirational music blogger, sure 9b is in good hands and look forward to the next 7 years

  10. Thanks for sharing all the great music over the years. Your appreciation of all of these great tunes and decision to share them has not just encouraged me to keep listening, but also to blog about it. Good luck!

  11. Autopsy IV or Bryan,

    simply: Thank You.


    I have all the faith in the world, you will continue the good work and put your mark Ninebullets.

    PS: Is Autopsy still going to contribute and put the WMNF show every so often?

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