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If I said, “Quick! Name your top 5 tracks from the Truckers”, odds are all of your tracks would come from the Southern Rock Opera to the The Dirty South era of the band. I know they are for me. Truth be told, despite any enthusiasm I might muster for their new albums as they come out, the simple fact is that only 2 or 3 songs from the post-TDS Truckers stand any test of time. So I was a little skeptical when, looking at the cover, I saw there was a DBT Greatest Hits album coming out.

Now, I know this site is named after a Drive-By Truckers song. I’m not ashamed of that fact and I know that I’ve been as guilty as anyone of trying really (sometimes too) hard to like the last few DBT albums. I accept that (and that’s why the original reviews stay up). With that said, I am gonna give you my exact initial thoughts when I opened the envelope and saw a DBT Greatest Hits album had showed up at my house:

Whoa! That’s Wes Freed artwork.
Hmm. A DBT Greatest Hits album. How the fuck did I not hear about that?
God, what bullshit is gonna be on this?
Hmm. New West is putting it out.
::Quick scan::
No, Shonna songs, DBT must not have been involved in the curating of this.
Hell, it might not be that bad after all.

Sadly, it took me believing that the actual band may not have been involved in the curating of the songs for me to think that it might be good. Truth is, outside of “World Of Hurt”, I don’t think any DBT fan can be disappointed in the songs on this collection. That said, every fan on earth is gonna think it’s missing “a track or two” and for me it‘s “Decoration Day” and “Women Without Whiskey” but the songs that are here are strong.

You’re probably wondering why you should buy this since you already have all the albums. To that, the only reason I can offer is ‘cause it’s a legit Greatest Hits collection of songs and they’re all mastered to the same levels. Or that it’s a really good collection from the golden era of the Truckers, so if you’re looking for an easy way to expose a n00b to that which is DBT you could do much worse than Ugly Buildings, Whores and Politicians.

Drive-By Truckers – The Living Bubba
Drive-By Truckers – Bulldozers and Dirt
Drive-By Truckers – Gravity’s Gone (Remix)

Drive-By Truckers’ Official Site, Drive-By Truckers on Facebook, Buy Ugly Buildings, Whores and Politicians

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  1. Pretty damn good collection of songs. I love “World of Hurt”.

  2. I agree that Women Without Whiskey needed to be on this, other than that it’s a pretty darn good collection, especially for a newbie. Now if I can just convince my roommate to take out the Kesha CD. haha.

  3. “Truth be told, despite any enthusiasm I might muster for their new albums as they come out, the simple fact is that only 2 or 3 songs from the post-TDS Truckers stand any test of time.”

    Disagree. While SRO, DD, and TDS were about as good as it gets for a trifecta if you are into this genre and they haven’t done anything as good as that, I think you guys are too hard on their most recent work.

    Some songs I think stand the test of time:
    Gravity’s Gone
    Space City
    3 Dimes Down
    The Righteous Path
    Self Destructive Zones
    The Opening Act
    Checkout Time in Vegas
    A Ghost To Most
    The Wig He Made Her Wear
    Birthday Boy
    After the Scene Dies
    The Fireplace Poker
    Mercy Buckets

  4. I wasn’t with them from the beginning. So I downloaded the discography all at once and would browse through it every once in a while. Brighter than Creation’s Dark was the only album that stood out to me instantly. “Ghost to Most” and “Two Daughters & a Beautiful Wife” are highest caliber songs. Honestly, “Bob” was the first DBT song that stuck out to me all. Since then I’ve been able to get into it all, but Brighter Than Creation’s Dark deserves a lot of credit.

  5. Some love for Bob! Finally! Brighter…is a great album. It wasn’t love at first listening, but it slowly got to the point where I might even consider it to be my favorite DBT album.

    Are there any linernotes for the Greatest Hits album? Some cool essay or a history? If there’s not there’s really no reason for me to get it.

    • Yes, Rolling Stone’s David Fricke wrote the linernotes.

    • I agree i love Bob I think SRO TDS & DD are instantly great albums i think once you put some time into BTCD TBT and GGB i think you get greatly rewarded these albums are what i call creepers as i live in Australia i have only seen them live once when they toured with Booker T it was awesome

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