One of the worst things about writing for a music blog is all the music that is thrown at you and at the same time it can be one of the best things. Day in and day out your inbox is filled with emails from PR agencies that have obviously never read the website, suggestions from folks you met at one show or another, and various other forms of music being pimped. Some days the landscape of the music industry looks pretty fucking bleak. Then on some days you find something, not just something good but something that draws you in and really grabs on to your junk and won’t let go. Suffice it to say that Graces & Eights by The Devil’s Own is one of those albums. It’s the sort of album that reminds you why you started making your opinion on music a public spectacle.

Now if I am being honest this is a band that every one of us here should have heard of,  I hadn’t until this album, as they’ve opened for some of our good buddies over the years. These guys have been around for a bit and have graced the shows of I Can Lick Any SOB, Ha Ha Tonka, Scott H. Biram and Two Cow Garage and if Graces & Eights is any indication then they ought to be on our collective radar. Although I can see why they haven’t been as it seems the band has been plagued with changes in the line up over the last little while and that can put any band off their game. Luckily for us they weathered those bumps in the road and this album is a solid offering that deserves your attention.

At first listen I mentioned to the 9b crew that this one sort of sounds like the bastard child of a young Lucero and a young R.E.M. and I still think that fits after almost a week of pondering how to describe the sound so I’ll just stick with that. Aside from that comparison this wasn’t an album that grew on me but rather had me from the opening track and kept that hold all the way through every listen. So as I sit here on a solo boy’s night out, tapping this out on my tablet, sitting in a bar drinking bad whiskey and coke because it’s cheap I can’t think of much more to say than this shit is Essential Listening and if you don’t believe me then go ask Mike D.

The Devil’s Own – Blues are Comin’
The Devil’s Own – Last Song on the Radio
The Devil’s Own – TIOTR

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