It’s no secret that I like the punkier side of our little scene. It tends to be more urban working man and a little less rural. In all honesty, while I like the idea of some land far away from anyone, a house with a nice porch, and my own still I would be miserable outside of the city for any real length of time. The pretty countryside is pretty for a while but a city boy like me needs his concrete, a good selection of watering holes, and access to things like fast internet and twenty-four hour grocery stores. While the themes are much the same I tend to relate to the lyrics a little more. There are obvious exceptions but given my druthers any given playlist will have more punk influence than not.

The brings me to The Devil’s Cut out of Lansing, MI. I heard about these boys thanks to The Tosspints’ record label East Grand Record Co. Being from the rust belt shows through in the music these guys are making. While the British may have had “Keep calm and carry on” there’s no poster for the middle class in America watching their lives altered by closing factories. There’s no bumper sticker wisdom for the way those affected by this hold up their heads and keep going, trying to make things better. Instead there’s music. While No Salvation isn’t social commentary these hardships and truths are woven through the fabric of the album as a whole.

There’s really no way to describe No Salvation other than Americana. I know that’s a dirty word to some of the folks in “the scene”, but let’s face it, some albums with certain themes paint a picture of middle America better than others and this one of them. This is music for anyone who has sat on a porch with a beer and watched equipment moved out of a factory after production was outsourced, who has seen the pool hall they grew up turned in to a convenience store, who has paid their bar tab with a disability check after being hurt on the job. In other words No Salvation is an album for every one of you out there and it’s Essential Listening.

Highwater Chevy
Violent City


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    Hobo Jack

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