The Devil Makes Three – The Devil Makes Three

I came across these guys by complete accident. Somebody sent me a PR email about some band whose name I can not even remember, but instead of direct linking to a sample mp3, they gave me link to a directory with a bunch of mp3’s, including a song by the now forgotten band that was being promoted. I went ahead and scanned the other mp3’s to see what else was in there and one particular band name caught my attention. One listen and I was ordering the cd. That’s how I came to know The Devil Makes Three.

This eponymous album was originally released in 2002 but got the reissue treatment in November of 2007. It’s a vaudevillian mashup of country, punk with a little pirate, and ragtime tossed in for good measure. The cd’s dusty old 78 feel will almost make you feel guilty about listening to it on your iPod. It’s the kind of cd you wanna listen to while you’re walking to the market. The Devil Makes Three not only makes the Essential Listening list, the band is on the top of my “need to get the rest of their catalog” list. One could say this Santa Cruz trio has hit the g-spot of my musical soul. Check em out.

The Devil Makes Three – Graveyard
The Devil Makes Three – Old No. 7
The Devil Makes Three – Ten Feet Tall

The Devil Makes Three’s Official Site, The Devil Makes Three on myspace, Buy The Devil Makes Three

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  1. yeah, my friend from santa cruz turned me on to these guys. I love’em. I went to see them in Spokane and nobody knew who they were. It was still a good show. They have a really good sound!!!!

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