Live albums aren’t always something we jump on here at Nine Bullets but exceptions can always happen.  The new live album from The Devil Makes Three deserves the exception.  This thing is badass and Essential Listening (editor’s note: I totally agree) and let me tell you why.

Their most recent album, Do Wrong Right, was released in 2009 so it’s been a few years since we’ve seen anything from them. Chances are you’re not familiar with them. I only discovered them a few months ago thanks to that dated Pandora thing.  And Stomp And Smash has several songs that are previously unreleased.  New songs!!

I don’t know what about The Devil Makes Three tells me they’re from the west coast but I can tell they are.  They’re hitting that bluegrass with punk attitude that The Fox Hunt does so well and thank god.  We need more bands that do that well.

The Devil Makes Three – This Life
The Devil Makes Three – They Call That Religion
The Devil Makes Three – Help Yourself

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