The fact that it’s taken this long to mention The Demon Beat on ninebullets could be presented as evidence that I got a little lazy with RSV and Kasey being brought on as writers. I mean, RSV wrote about Prison Book Club (which is made up from members of The Demon Beat and The Fox Hunt), so I guess I just assumed he would take care of The Demon Beat as well. Now, with Kasey out on tour and RSV needing to take some down time, I was sitting here looking at my list of things that need to be written about, and what’s right up at the top but The Demon Beat. Dubya. Tee. Eff. Time to mention these guys to y’all.

Coming out of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, The Demon Beat is Adam Meisterhans (guitar/vocals), Jordan Hudkins (drums) and Tucker Riggleman (bass). Adam sounds so much like the singer from The Zutons that my initial impulse is to describe them as The Zutons if The Zutons had any balls, but that’s not fair to The Demon Beat. Instead, I’ll describe them as a trio that plays rock and roll the way it’s supposed to be played; loud, raw and deliberate, sans the genre mixing, irony and apologies that seem to permeate the kids these days. Sometimes the cd gets a little “wailing” for my tastes, but when it’s rocking it’s dead the fuck on and has officially earned a spot on my “skateboarding” playlist. Y’all should check these kids out. I know they’re heavier than what we normally cover here on the 9B, but sometimes you need a soundtrack for the bar fight you’re gonna get into later in the night, and god damned if these boys are ready to fill that slot.

The Demon Beat – Bad Man
The Demon Beat – Millionaire
The Demon Beat – Crawl

The Demon Beat on myspace, Buy Shit, We’re 23

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  1. Hell yeah Bryan. These guys live is just about as intense as a 3 piece rock band can get; some of the best shows I’ve seen in the past couple years have been this band. Their recordings are just a minor taste of what they actually sound like, hopefully you’ll get to catch them playing live one of these days. They’re all pretty stand up fellas and some of my dearest friends. Friend or not though, I wouldn’t gush about em if I didn’t believe what I was saying. They kick fucking ass, and thanks a lot for giving them some coverage!

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